We have two four head complete Matex transfer coating Line that can coat PU and PVC on fabric up to 1.5 Meters width to provide a product that meets your requirement. We have a collection of over 200 Embossing and Printing rollers to give your product a unique look.

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Transfer Coating line one from MATEX Italy
Transfer Coating line two from MATEX Italy


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Printing Machine by Matex, Italy

We have a state of the art 2 station printing machine capable of producing textile and geometric pattern prints consistently. We have a library of over 100 printing rollers to help us provide our customer big selection of designs. We are also equipped with a miniature lab printing machine to support our R&D needs.

We have acquired a state of the art embossing machine from Coloumbo/Isotex with automatic sensing and controlling for pre-heating infrared zone. It is equipped with tempering zone after embossing head for a better grain retention under Vacufoaming and thermal bonding process.
In addition to the 70+ embossing rollers, the machine is also equipped with foil/transfer paper lamination which gives us a wide range of products to be offered to our customer.

Embossing machine by MATEX Italy
Embossing machine by MATEX Italy


Automated Mixing.
Automated Mixing.

We have India’s select few mixing systems to provide precision and consistency in all of our products.


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