We use a bonding process known as Flame Lamination. Flame Lamination process uses open cell polyurethane foam which is passed through an open flame creating a thin layer of hot polymer. The hot polymer is then used as an adhesive to bond materials together in a single pass.

There are two methods of Flame Lamination:

Single Lamination - Great for small & large runs. Laminates two substrates, state of the art control.

Sandwich Lamination – Efficient , laminates three substrates in one pass.



Product application

Car Seats – Automotive body cloth is a fabric and foam Laminate. A scrim or film is laminated to the back of the foam for added stability and to decrease foam wear. The top fabric can be easily changed to create a new design still keeping everything else the same, giving it diversity and ease of application. Seating, headliners, arm rests, door panels, sun visors and other components all utilize body cloth as covering material over the super structure of the part.

Key Customers:

Maruti Udyog


Transfer Coating line from MATEX Italy

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