An essential policy for Klassik is to be sustainable in our practices. We are an environmentally conscious company and make intentional efforts towards reflecting our policy. We believe that every step, small or big, counts. The most significant effort towards being sustainable is using biofuels such as cashew nut shells, ground nut shells, and the like, for most of our heat generation. We are actively moving away from fossil fuels such as coal or gas in our production process.

Our in-house rainwater harvesting system has a storage tank which collects water and pumps it back to the underground soil to be reused. We have taken steps towards incorporating solar energy into our systems and have a solar-powered lighting system in part of our factory. We have also invested in pollution control by installing electrostatic precipitator (ESP Unit) in our production facility. The ESP unit filters toxins such as smoke and fine dust particles from the outgoing gas stream. Our portfolio also includes products that use recycled polyester fabric.

We give some of our unused or waste material which comes out of the factory to certified recyclers so it can be put to better use. A part of our factory is also dedicated to organic farming and the produce is distributed to the employees for personal consumption.