The pandemic saw a considerable rise in home decor sales. Many families stuck in their homes decided to revamp, remodel and renovate their homes with new furniture and decor items. There was a time when people were actively searching for home renovation ideas, especially home renovation ideas on a budget. That led them to purchase anything that was pocket friendly and good to look at, without considering other factors like durability, quality, maintenance and the like.  

When it comes to modern-style furniture and giving your house a makeover, we suggest opting for PVC leather, or what’s popularly known as faux leather, PVC Vinyl and artificial leather. Artificial leather or faux leather provided by Klassik gives you a combination of aesthetics, durability, quality and safety. Here’s how:-

1. Our products are high in quality.

We use European machines from Matex and industry-leading quality management systems such as ISO and IATF to produce our artificial leather to ensure the best quality.

2. We offer variety.

With a dedicated design team and R&D team, we offer a wide range of printed designs, colors and embossed textures in our artificial leather or faux leather. All of which can be used for a variety of applications.

3. Our products are easy to maintain and highly durable.

A clean cloth with a light soap is all it takes to clean our PVC leather cloth and the extensive finishing coats we put on our PVC leather cloth make it long-lasting, and an investment in your home decor.

4. Our products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Whether you are looking for home decor and interior design for indoor or outdoor furniture, we’ve got you. Our PVC leather cloth is stain resistant - so you can let your little one play on it stress-free and throw a party without worrying about spilling food and drinks. It is also prepared for certain degrees of sunlight and moisture exposure that prevent our PVC leather cloth from fading when left outside on a terrace or balcony. We have a special range of products on which we apply specific finishes that have UV rays resistance and anti-bacterial properties.

5. Our products are safe.

One of the most important qualities of our artificial leather or faux leather is that it is also flame resistant. Safety is of utmost importance and comes before aesthetics and design. The finish that we apply on our PVC leather cloth can help delay the spread of fire or can help the fire self-extinguish and burn for a restricted amount of time and length. To ensure this, every product goes through rigorous burn tests and we also adhere to all the International norms such as CRIB 5, BS 5852, CRIB 0 & 1, NFPA 260, CAL TB 117 etc. for extra safety.
Being faux leather suppliers in India, we ensure every step is taken towards only providing the best to our patrons. Whether you are looking at the interiors of a living room, modern furniture for a bedroom or even outdoor furniture design, faux leather or artificial leather is the way to go. It’s also the more sustainable option.
Our wide range of artificial leather options allows you to discover unique home decor ideas and add a modern touch to your furniture. Explore all our artificial leather designs here to see our product range.