Are you someone who is obsessed with home decor or are you a furniture designer looking for the best option for upholstery for interior decoration? Then you need to read this. When it comes to choosing material for upholstery, whether you’re looking at home renovation ideas or decorating your workspace or business, there are three main options - genuine leather, artificial leather or faux leather and fabric. The choice you make can depend on many factors like price, design preference, aesthetics, quality, durability and maintenance, to name a few.

Now it might be hard to find something that will check off all the above points, but what if we told you it’s not? Artificial leather or faux leather or PVC leather cloth has it all! What we manufacture here at Klassik is more reasonable than genuine leather, it comes in many design and texture options that are versatile and will satisfy your aesthetic needs, they are high in quality and extremely durable and very easy to maintain. When you get it all, the decision to choose artificial leather becomes that much easier.

Artificial leather in general is less expensive than genuine leather but has the same rich look and feel that you would find in genuine leather. An important point to note is that artificial leather is durable and easy to maintain without the added cost of genuine leather. Another differentiator and characteristic of artificial leather is that it doesn’t wrinkle like genuine leather because it’s not made of animal skin. It’s machine-made and has a smooth touch and feel as compared to genuine leather.

While fabric is the least expensive option out of all the three, it doesn’t last long and is not very easy to maintain. Fabrics can be easily stained and damaged, making them the wrong choice in the long run. Artificial leather is what we can call an affordable luxury product. One can argue that artificial leather or faux leather is also one of the more sustainable options as no animals are harmed during its production. People who follow a vegan lifestyle, and are environmentally conscious also prefer to choose artificial leather over genuine leather.

The faux leather or artificial leather industry has seen major improvements and advances in terms of production, making it a preferred choice for many looking at home decor ideas and interior designing ideas. Artificial leather is no longer referred to as something that is “fake”. It’s a widely used option in today’s day and age.

So when it’s about home furnishing and giving a modern look to your home, then artificial leather is the way to go. It’s the best way to invest in your home decor for years to come. From sofas and chairs to cushions and more - revamp your home interiors with the best that the market has to offer. With our wide range of PVC leather cloth, you will surely find exactly what you need to suit your style and texture preferences, color scheme, aesthetics and more. Explore our range here