In recent years, the demand for fire-resistant or fire-retardant PVC leather has gone up a significant amount, especially when it comes to public spaces and hotels where safety is of utmost importance although people use fire-retardant artificial leather in their homes too. Today, we will explore the significance of fire resistance in artificial leather and shed light on the various fire standards we have available - CRIB 0, CRIB 1, NFPA 260, CAL TB 117, DIN 4102-B2, EN 1021, 1&2, and CRIB 5. We will also delve into the challenges faced while manufacturing this product and in achieving the stringent CRIB 5 standard and how reputable external labs help in providing credibility through rigorous testing and certification for our products.

Different countries require different fire standards - CRIB 0, CRIB 1 AND CRIBE 5 come under the UK norms, NFPA 260 and CAL TB 117 come under the USA norms, DIN 4102-B2 comes under the Germany norms and lastly EN 1021, 1&2 comes under the EU norms. Our company follows all these norms and supplies fire-resistant artificial leather to all these countries. 

The fire standards, namely CRIB 0, CRIB 1, and CRIB 5 serve as benchmarks to determine the fire resistance of the artificial leather. The CRIB 0 test involves exposing the material to a matchbox flame, while the CRIB 1 test simulates a cigarette burn. These standards indicate that while the material may catch fire, it will self-extinguish and prevent the spread of flames during small accidents. The NFPA 260 uses standard methods of tests and a classification system for cigarette ignition resistance on the fabric. The CAL TB 117 test requires the fabric to withstand 12 seconds of an open flame without letting it spread. The DIN 4102-B2 test involves the fabric being suspended vertically with a 20mm high flame being applied for 15 seconds. The EN 1021, 1&2 examines the fabric’s reaction with a burning cigarette and butane flame. 

On the other hand, CRIB 5, which is the highest fire standard, poses a significant challenge due to its technical complexity. It is a mandatory requirement for public spaces and hotels, emphasising the need for PVC leather that offers exceptional fire resistance. Achieving CRIB 5 certification is not an easy feat, and only select companies possess the expertise to produce such products, Klassik being one of them.

To ensure the reliability and credibility of fire-resistant artificial leather, manufacturers often rely on the services of external laboratories such as SGS. SGS is a renowned global testing and certification agency that operates labs worldwide, providing comprehensive assessments of various materials. In the case of our CRIB 5 artificial leather, we have gone the extra mile to obtain certification from both Indian and UK SGS labs. This dual certification enhances the credibility and authenticity of our fire-retardant artificial leather, assuring customers and clients that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets the stringent CRIB 5 standards.

We produce a whole range of fire-resistant artificial leather products - one conforming to CRIB 0 and CRIB 1, and the other meeting the challenging CRIB 5 standard - and all of these have distinct advantages. While both CRIB 0 and CRIB 1 provide a certain level of fire resistance, CRIB 5 artificial leather provides superior protection, making it ideal for high-risk environments. By utilising CRIB 5 artificial leather, public spaces, hotels, boats etc. can significantly enhance their fire safety measures, mitigating the risk of fire-related incidents and protecting the lives of occupants. Additionally, the utilisation of such materials promotes compliance with fire safety regulations, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the well-being of visitors and employees.

Fire resistance is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting materials for public spaces and hotels. The three fire standards - CRIB 0, CRIB 1, and CRIB 5 - serve as essential benchmarks in evaluating the fire resistance of artificial leather. While achieving CRIB 5 certification presents a significant challenge, it offers unparalleled safety benefits and peace of mind, and we are here to make it easy for our customers.

Safety is always a priority and by investing in our machinery and gaining credible certification, we aim to offer the best and safest fire-resistant artificial leather to our trusted clientele.