We manufacture PVC leather or artificial leather for various components of open and closed footwear. We have been trusted suppliers to many footwear OEMs and brands in India, as well as neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Open footwear consists of formal, casual, sports as well as school shoes. On the other hand, open footwear consists of sandals, slippers, and other such products. Each type of footwear has different components that make the design, and we supply PVC leather for all those components. For instance, we supply PVC leather or artificial leather for shoe uppers (used on closed footwear), lining (that’s used for the inner side of the shoe as well as the tongue of the shoe), folding upper (the strip that goes on top in slippers and sandals), sandwich (a two side stiff PVC which acts as folding upper), the industry name for this is double sided coated PVC Leather. We cover the entire shoe.

We have a vast design library of more than one hundred embossing rollers, print rollers and design papers, making it easy for us to offer new products by trying different permutations and combinations. We also have low MOQ requirements which allows the customer to pick multiple colours and build a diverse portfolio of products.

Our footwear production is not only about delivering the best quality product to our clients, it’s more than that. Our in-house design team specializes in forecasting fashion trends and is continuously launching new designs, colours, and grains. All our products are customized as per the technical requirements of our customers.

Footwear is part of the fashion industry and so our clients require innovative designs, colors and grains every month. We launch new products every week after collaborating with our global partners and suppliers to keep up with market trends. Other than that, our marketing team travels extensively within India and other locations to catch contemporary trends and present them to our clients.

However, manufacturing PVC leather or artificial leather for footwear is not just about trends, we often face technical requirements. Some footwear types such as sports shoes, school shoes or safety shoes are very technical products. They require not only strength but also durability in different weather conditions such as extreme cold, high heat and humidity. We understand these concerns faced by our clients and try to be a trusted supplier so these issues are not a headache for the clients.

In a nutshell, we have the infrastructure and testing facilities to provide materials as per the specifications of our clients on a consistent basis.

One must wonder why brands pick artificial leather over genuine leather or fabric for their shoes, and the answer is quite simple. PVC leather or artificial leather is less expensive than real leather and more durable than fabric. PVC leather has a good look and feel. Another major reason that has taken light in recent times is that people want to be more sustainable, and that reduced the usage of genuine leather. Apart from being sustainable, people who follow strictly vegan lifestyles and stand for animal rights do not purchase anything made from animal skin, thus shifting to more cruelty-free products.

Most of our clients are big brands in the footwear industry and have their own specific requirements and specifications involving strength, durability, stretch and the like. Because our facilities help us meet those needs the clients have made us trusted partners and collaborate with us for their footwear requirements. The shoes that are made from our PVC leather or artificial leather are for the mass population and must be durable and withstand the test of time with ease. And, that has been one huge focus of ours during production. If you are a brand looking for a supplier for your products, then explore more about us here and get in touch with us.