Klassik has been successfully supplying PVC leathercloth and foam laminated textiles to automotive OEMs and the aftermarket for replacement seat covers since 2001. We have been doing so through direct supply as well as technical collaborations.

Our journey in this industry has seen substantial growth over all these years.

We started by producing for the local market, which is also known as the replacement market. The replacement market is where one would go to purchase new PVC Leatherseat covers or get new covers made in the occurrence of damage, needing a different color or other such instances.

Starting from there, we gradually went on to supply to major automotive OEMs (or original equipment manufacturers). The growth has been fulfilling.

As we grew further, we started supplying PVC Vinyl to major global brands for various automotive requirements. However, working with brands across the globe has been a completely different experience for us as a company. For starters, different countries require different variations - we supply PVC Vinyl to the USA. PVC leathercloth to the UK and PVC leather or Rexine to India. Then, getting approval from an automotive company is a long and technical process. It’s not only about successfully achieving the price target of the brand but we also need to get cleared by their styling and technical teams. We often work closely with the styling teams and engineering teams to match the approved grains and colors, as well as the stringent technical requirements of automotive interiors.

Not only that, the requirements for these automotive brands are extremely extensive as their list includes specific features such as high strength, durability, stain resistance, anti-squeak, UV resistance, cold crack resistance, and Low VOC to name a few.

As a company, we have global approval for some of the car models, and our material has to perform in all kinds of weather conditions and situations.

To ensure that our products and our company meet all these needs successfully we have a focused production process. Our technical capabilities allow us to tick-mark every requirement that our clients have without any concern. We have invested in top-quality machines that allow us to make the product in various widths such as 140 cm, 150 cm and 158 cm, giving us an edge. We recently received the IATF 16949:2016 certification, which is specific to the automotive industry.

We supply a wide range of PVC Vinyl, PVC Leathercloth and PVC leather products to automotive companies which include materials for automotive seats, interior and door trims, gearboxes, tool kit pouches or covers, along with hood toney covers or trunk covers.

Apart from all the essential requirements we receive from our clients we also hugely focus on durability and style. A car is a very special possession for anyone and why shouldn’t it be every bit long-lasting and stylish? Your mode of transport should also be comfortable and the PVC leather ensures that the seats don’t get too hot unlike real leather or tear up like fabric and make your journey smooth. PVC leather is also easier to clean in comparison to the rest and hence, easier to maintain. Anything that lasts long is deemed as a good investment and for us, that is PVC leather or artificial leather products. And since many brands locally and globally are seeing a shift towards being sustainable and environmentally friendly, real leather is being used less and less, giving way to artificial leather or PVC leather.

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